The Art of Remembering

When you look at your Wedding Photographs, you would like to be taken back to the exact moment. I wish you could relive the excitement, the waiting, the tears of joy and all the emotions. Memories are made not only of the main events but also of the most delicate and elusive moments. A look from your father before walking down the corridor, the way your soul mate intertwines his fingers in yours, a tear rolling down your mother’s cheek. I know how much these memories mean and my goal is to capture them and keep them for you. I look forward to meeting you and listening to your story. We create memories together.

My Style

Intimate and natural

My approach to Wedding Photography is discreet, direct, spontaneous and natural. I like working in the rear, making me see as little as possible and letting everything flow undisturbed to tell it "in purity" and with authenticity. For me, creating a Wedding Reportage in Italy means focusing on the simplicity and exceptional beauty of what is happening and telling it in the most realistic way possible.