Giuliano Lo re

Giuliano Lo Re is a wedding and documentary photographer based in Milan. In 2013, after having graduated in Advertising and Graphic Design at the “Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie” in Rome, he began to work as Art Director for various Italian and foreign advertising agencies. After 5 years of working experience in Switzerland, Giuliano returns to Italy to pursue his passion, photography. In 2019 he attended a Master Class on photographic reportage for several months with the photographer PaoloMarchetti and understands that documentary photography is his way. The camera becomes a tool to tell not his own vision of the world but to document and share the story and the voice of people who, without tangible proof, would remain unheard. In 2021 he began to be part of the Doctors Without Borders team of photographers focusing his work on the theme of immigration in the Mediterranean Sea.


2019 Moscow International Foto Awards – Winner Science-Medicine

2019 International Photography Awards – Honorable Mention “Deeper Perspective”

2019 National Geographic US – Photo of the Week

2020 National Geographic Italy Magazine June

2021 The Independent Photo Street Photography Competition – Finalist

2021 Doctors WIthout Borders Contest “Storie di Umanità” – Winner