My Approach

Photographing people I love in the places they love, wherever they are. In reality, there is nothing more important to me than giving eternal emotions and memories. I love the sea, especially the moments before sunset, when the sand starts to cool. Even more I love the sunrises, the woods, the moments and the looks. I love to create something significant and above all, indelible, for you.

Fotografo reportage Napoli


I consider myself a sensitive and empathic Wedding Photographer. To tell the truth, photography overwhelmed me when I was little more than a kid. I admired the slides taken by my father in Kenya and I spent hours watching the documentaries of the NAT GEO and the BBC. In my unconscious, I always knew that in life I would be a photographer. Or a fighter pilot! I admire cultures that are different from mine with interest and deep curiosity. The landscapes excite me and I scrutinize with interest the gestures, the relationships, the looks and the everyday life of people. I love to tell all this, and travel to do it. I love the stories behind a shot, so I became a Wedding Photographer. I discovered that I had the right sensitivity and empathy to tell a love story enclosed in a day. Capturing emotions, looks and details is extremely rewarding and at the same time adventurous.

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